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F/S Apple Iphone 6 64GB/ Galaxy S5/BB Passport
Price: 500
Seller: Abdul fattah Barakah

VOLVO S40 S40L DRL LED Daytime Running Light
Seller: Amy zheng

F/s: Apple iPhone 5s 64GB, Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Price: 400
Seller: Morris Nadine

Apple iPhone 5S// iPhone 5/ Samsung Note III/ HTC
Price: 400
Seller: sami soukarieh

Apple iphone 5s
Seller: mildred hatton

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Ride Statistics

Total Distance:
2.45km | 1.52mi

Starting Altitude:
0m | 0ft

Finishing Altitude:
0m | 0ft

Average Gradient: 3.4%

Elevation Gain:
83m | 272ft

Surface Type:
Smooth Bitumen / Asphalt

Difficulty: 19   What's this?

Noosa Old Range Rd - revised Hill Climb

Distance: 2.45km | 1.52mi

Attempts: 1


Old road other side of Twantin - start where the road starts to rise - white concrete blocks either side & white line across road.

Start Point: Conrete blocks

End point: Last white post before top

Fastest Hill Climbs

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1. 5mins 46secs - 22 Jun 2005: alistair muir

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