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Ride Statistics

Total Distance:
11.54km | 7.17mi

Starting Altitude:
124m | 407ft

Finishing Altitude:
615m | 2,018ft

Average Gradient: 4.3%

Elevation Gain:
500m | 1,640ft

Surface Type:
Smooth Bitumen / Asphalt

Difficulty: 49   What's this?

The half k Hill Climb

Elevation gain almost exactly 500m. Total climb is slightly more as there are a few minor short downhill pieces in the climb, about 520m.

Distance: 11.54km | 7.17mi

Attempts: 1


Start on Mt Dandenong rd opposite Eothen Ln, which is the lowest possible point. Left at the traffic lights, right at the roundabout up the mountain. Right at Ridge rd, right at Observatory rd, left at the toilet block up the cement driveway to the highest point.

Start Point: Mt Dandenong rd opposite Eothen Ln, stationary

End point: Highest point on the cement drive at the lookout.

Map & Route to The half k


Fastest Hill Climbs

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1. 38mins 28secs - 07 Aug 2011: John Van Seters

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