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Member Statistics

Gender: Male

Age: 48

Total Times Entered: 113

Favourite Course:
Hummerston (11 rides)

Longest Ride:

Fastest Speed:

Avg Distance per Week:

John Eden

Member Profile: John Eden


Member Since: 2008

Western Australia, Australia

Physiological Details



Resting Heartrate:


Current Weight:

69 kg

Maximum Heartrate:




Double quarter pounders with cheese


Iced coffee



Super Hero:

Chris Hoy


Black Betty


Being John Malkovich

Bike Details


Flandria Team Replica 1977


Suntour Superbe Pro hubs on MA40 rims


6speed cheap Shimano freewheel 14-28t


Speedplay Zeros

Bike Weight:

10 kg

Latest Times

Hill Climbs

13 Apr 2012: Mills Rd, East (2) Road has changed - 10mins 54secs

24 Feb 2012: Walnut and Patterson - 8mins 32secs

23 Feb 2012: Kalamunda Rd, Kalamunda - 9mins 33secs

15 Feb 2012: Gooseberry Hill Rd, Gooseberry Hill - 6mins 33secs

14 Feb 2012: Gooseberry via Girawheen - 7mins 0secs

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08 May 2011: Kalamunda to Mundaring and back - 1hr 31mins 58secs

19 Mar 2009: Kalamunda to Mundaring and back - 1hr 32mins 53secs

12 Mar 2009: Route '337' - 1hr 1min 34secs

19 Nov 2008: Lesmurdie test circuit - 8mins 16secs

02 Nov 2008: The Beast with 3 Backs - 1hr 53mins 36secs

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Saved Courses

Circuits & Hill Climbs saved by this rider:

Australia > Western Australia > Turner Rd

Australia > Western Australia > Leith on Rye

Australia > Western Australia > Mur de Magdalene

Australia > Western Australia > Gooseberry via Girawheen

Australia > Western Australia > Zig Zag TT Tour of Kalamunda Prologue

Australia > Western Australia > Route '337'

Australia > Western Australia > Pickering Brook Time Trial

Australia > Western Australia > The Beast with 3 Backs

Australia > Western Australia > Kalamunda to Mundaring and back

Australia > Western Australia > Jackson

Australia > Western Australia > Lesmurdie test circuit


John commented on his own time: "I've come a long way since I last did this. 12:44 for the roundabout to Chevin. Headwind strong."

John commented on his own time: "Flying. Headwind on Patterson."

John commented on his own time: "Yes, I will be in London during the Olympics."

John commented on his own time: "see"

John commented on his own time: "My bike weighs 10 kilos, I'm 44 and I sit down to change gears because I use friction shifters on the downtube. I'm better on steep gradients.Today I used the big ring until Gray Rd then 39x16/18/21. Only back in the big ring at the top. I sat for about 80% of the climb."

Forum Posts

29 Mar 2009 9:38 PM posted in How many bikes?

Yes, that's the one. Do you know what happened to her?

28 Mar 2009 9:25 PM posted in How many bikes?

Only one of my bikes has a name now, the first fixie, which I named Black Betty, but the best name was given to a nice shiney red Cannondale mountain bike by my wife. She dubbed 'her' Camilla. Then she was traded in after a year for a younger model. The bike that is, not the wife.

28 Mar 2009 7:38 PM posted in How many bikes?

2 road bikes, both steel and lugged, 4 fixed gear steel bikes, 2 bmx, 1 track bike, 9 single speed mountain bikes. That's 18. I ride 4 of them.

12 Nov 2008 2:28 PM posted in Cycle2Max versus Hillclimbr

Hello, First of all I might be the last to know but why are there now 2 websites? My old details have been retained by both but new times need to be entered twice. I would pick a side but I like features of both. V02 max is interesting in hillclimbr, but I like the fact that cycle2max now displays our weights and bike weights for each attempt. I had forgotten how heavy I used to be! It appears to be impossible to edit in cycle2max. I accidently did myself of a second this morning and could't correct it without entering a new time. My favourite feature of C2M is the record holder's name and time appearing on the hills list but the ranking is now done by every attempt rather than pbs which I don't like as much as the old way. Hope the criticisms are taken constructively. Either way this site is a brilliant idea and makes my largely solo rides more interesting. Cheers John


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