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Gender: Male

Age: 40

Total Times Entered: 94

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Mizozuko C (16 rides)

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adam cobain

Member Profile: adam cobain

Member Since: 2008

Victoria, Australia

Physiological Details



Resting Heartrate:


Current Weight:

60 kg

Maximum Heartrate:






chateauneuf du pape


quiet and mountainous

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nick cave and the bad seeds



Bike Details


Ciocc Devilry


Campy Shamal Ultra


2011 Campy SR


Bike Weight:

6.9 kg

Latest Times

Hill Climbs

27 Nov 2011: Kuranda Range - 18mins 18secs

21 Sep 2011: Lake Morris, Uphill Only - 22mins 30secs

05 Apr 2011: Lake Morris Road, Cairns - 25mins 11secs

04 Apr 2011: Lake Morris Road, Cairns - 24mins 16secs

24 Mar 2011: Kuranda Range - 22mins 10secs

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19 Nov 2008: my mordi - 1hr 30mins 0secs

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Saved Courses

Circuits & Hill Climbs saved by this rider:

Australia > Queensland > Lake Morris, Uphill Only

Australia > Queensland > Kuranda Range

Australia > Victoria > my mordi


adam commented on his own time: "smashed PB "

adam commented on his own time: "Unusually high HR today, must be getting old..."

adam commented on his own time: "hot, painfully hot."

adam commented on his own time: "Pushed on this one, 22:05 new PB"

adam commented on his own time: "Rain and very slippery. "

Forum Posts

27 Oct 2008 12:20 PM posted in Training to go faster up hills

There are lots of techniques at the cyclists disposal to improve climbing, and I find varied courses offer the most gains. I think steep climbs, over 12% offer the greatest pure force gains. Do intervals sitting, and really pull through on the 6-11 o'clock and start the next stoke from 11. Cadence should be real slow and make sure you go straight, not wobbling or turning the bars, hands near the stem and really feel it through upper body. One of the greatest assets to my power to weight ratio is a strong, but lean upper body. Build this core strength on the saddle, and then when you need to climb out of the saddle, your arms/shoulders don't let you down and you can find a powerful smooth rhythm. In races, I climb a lot out of the saddle, or 'Dancing' as it is called.

25 Oct 2008 1:20 AM posted in Training to go faster up hills

It is really simple, really. Just climb, and then climb more and more and more. Whatever you ride, whatever you weigh, I guarantee you will go faster. There is no substitute for hard work and sweating out hours on the climbs. Fact. ;):)


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