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Bottechia 8avio
Price: $3600
Seller: Tim Rochford

Orbea raod bike
Price: 1200 AUD
Seller: Tony Barratt

2013 Cervelo R5
Price: $4100
Seller: Scott Crawford

Apple Iphone 6/6 Plus/Xperia Z2/Samsung Galaxy S5
Price: Negotiable
Seller: Robert Andrews

F/S Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S IIII Unlocked
Price: 500
Seller: Dickson James

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Member Statistics

Gender: Male

Age: 50

Total Times Entered: 244

Favourite Course:
Shepherds Hill Rd 3 (42 rides)

Longest Ride:

Fastest Speed:

Avg Distance per Week:

Robert Rau

Member Profile: Robert Rau

"Don't just flog a dead horse, buy a new one!"

Member Since: 2008

South Australia, Australia

Physiological Details


191 cm

Resting Heartrate:

50 bpm

Current Weight:

85 kg

Maximum Heartrate:

220 bpm





coffee, iced coffee (anything with caffeine if no coffee then tea)


North Sumatra, Indonesia (Lake Toba)

Super Hero:

Sean Kelly


Move it - you gota move it, move it (all the words used in this song)


Breaking Away

Bike Details


Vitus 992


Mavic 571/2 hubs and Mavic Open Pro Rims


Mavic SSC


Dura Ace

Bike Weight:

9.2 kg

Latest Times

Hill Climbs

06 Jul 2011: The old freeway - 25mins 35secs

28 Mar 2011: German Town Hill - 5mins 10secs

14 Nov 2010: Corkscrew Road - 12mins 30secs

10 Oct 2010: Norton Summit - 20mins 0secs

09 Oct 2010: O'Halloran Hill - 9mins 25secs

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01 Nov 2009: Amy's Ride 09 - Bicycle SA - 3hrs 30mins 0secs

12 Aug 2009: Tour De Singapore - 7hrs 0mins 0secs

23 Jan 2009: Tour Down Under 09 Stage 4 - 5hrs 0mins 0secs

03 Nov 2008: Amy's Ride 09 - Bicycle SA - 3hrs 20mins 0secs

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Saved Courses

Circuits & Hill Climbs saved by this rider:

Singapore > Singapore > Tour De Singapore

Australia > South Australia > Kangarilla Loop - Blackwood Mega Bike Ride


Robert commented on his own time: "From the Tollgate (not from Portrush Road intersection)"

Robert commented on his own time: "First of 3 repeats up to the bollards. Nice tail wind. Rode a Vitus 979 Carbone which Sean Kelly used to ride in some of the TDF mountain stages :)"

Robert commented on his own time: "Rode from Meninge to Adelaide with the Square2Square group (Ride from Melbourne to Adelaide via Great Ocean Road over 8 days - this was the eighth day on the bike)"

Robert commented on his own time: "Corkscrew Challenge....better than I thought I waould go, must have defied gravity to make it up this bad arse hill"

Robert commented on his own time: "Really wasnt in the mood but pressed on anyway on the small chain ring but felt better as progressed up the hill, then large ring half way up until the end. 5 minutes less than last time....getting back into it"

Forum Posts

09 Sep 2010 8:32 PM posted in Spin Bikes

A while ago Revive trialled a few bikes as they were thinking of upgrading. The best we trialled was a Schwinn (Blackwood Fitness has these....worth the extra of the bikes we trialled (cant remember the name) but was so bad the crank fell off during an RPM session......

28 Jul 2010 1:07 AM posted in Whats the most important thing when buying a bike?

So true Harley.......agree with the comments:) Frame geometry is also important and the purpose for what you want to use the bike for......a well fitting 9kg bike will be more enjoyable to ride than a poorly fitted sub 7kg ride (much cheaper too)

14 Jul 2010 9:39 AM posted in New Bike Shop

Bike Station is much more than just another bike shop. Includes a fitness centre upstairs. Noel would be only too happy to give you the tour of his new shop:) The concept is far beyond anything anyone else has offered in Adelaide so far. No point selling a new bike (which most bike shops do) but you can get some indoor training done and get some measurements done (not refering to a bike fit either). Have a look at the Orbeas and Focus bikes in store - nice eye candy:)

16 Apr 2010 4:54 PM posted in What do you eat?

Nicely said there Michael....

12 Apr 2010 10:48 PM posted in Threaded one inch head set

Got a Vitus 979 frame and forks coming for a new retro ride project Im putting together. I need to look at purchasing a head set to suit the 22.2 mm steerer tube (old school) and head stem. The threading is the standard british threading. Anyone got any ideas of what would be really cool. Ultimately would love to acquire a Mavic 305 but these are pretty rare (if anyone has one and wants to part with it let me know). Other ideas include the stronglight X14 or A9. Also looked at Campagnolo (with british threading) but did yawn at these of what I have seen so far. (Probably be up for about $100 which is what the frame and forks cost me.) Yes, I do own a carbon bike (Giant TCR Composite 0) and do ride it once in a blue moon when I feel lazy as it weighs only just over 7 kg.....but the Vitus gives a bigger thrill for those hair pin descends;)


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