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Gender: Male

Age: N/A

Total Times Entered: 93

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The Half Donna / Cement Creek (16 rides)

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Aaron Christiansen

Member Profile: Aaron Christiansen

"put it in the big ring!"

Member Since: 2008

Victoria, Australia

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73.5 kg

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Hill Climbs

24 Mar 2009: Albany Hwy - 23mins 21secs

29 Jul 2007: 1/20 - 17mins 7secs

21 Jul 2007: Col de la Mer' - 1min 52secs

14 Jul 2007: Col de la Mer' - 2mins 5secs

07 Jul 2007: Col de la Mer' - 2mins 0secs

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Aaron commented on James Foran's time: "I had a mate back in highschool who used to run. Same name as yours, James. Tall, skinny bloke, good runner. Noticed you're with St Kilda. Might see you out at one of the Northern Combine races and say g'day if I recognise you. Your climb times are improving, well done :-)"

Aaron commented on his own time: "In WA for a few days, headed down Albany Hwy to check this climb out. Starts around 5% and has a few flatter spots. Not too keen on climbs that end going down hill :-/ Good day for a ride."

Aaron commented on his own time: "Northerly is not nice to ride in up this climb, with the constant change in direction. Legs felt dead after a rest week, 3 days off the bike. Hope they come back over the next couple of days!"

Aaron commented on his own time: "Wanted to break 2min this week, so cruised / recovered through the St Andrews valley leading up to the climb. Basically settle in at 18 km/hr and try to hold it through the *#$&#* corner (failed) and then finish strong. Mission accomplised :)
1 degree "

Aaron commented on his own time: "Been meaning to enter this climb for fun. TT effort up = me trying to hold 17 or 18km/hr from start to finish. Legs failed today :("

Forum Posts

28 Jun 2009 1:00 PM posted in Recovery nutrition

Post ride / race smoothie: iced coffee milk honey raw egg banana This is not good. This is perfect. Perfect blend of protein :: carbs (1:3) with some caffeine for increased carbohydrate absorption. Plus it's delicious ;-)


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