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Member Statistics

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Total Times Entered: 6

Favourite Course:
Mt Torrens (2 rides)

Longest Ride:
solo 316km in 1 day

Fastest Speed:
95kph checker hill

Avg Distance per Week:

Daniel M Smith

Member Profile: Daniel M Smith

"Sir Dansalot"

Member Since: 2008

South Australia, Australia

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Latest Times

Hill Climbs

14 Jul 2012: The old freeway - 26mins 21secs

09 May 2012: The Grove Way - 6mins 23secs

15 Apr 2012: Torrens Hill Rd - 5mins 38secs

14 Jan 2011: Mt Torrens - 3mins 58secs

27 May 2009: The old freeway - 26mins 53secs

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Saved Courses

Circuits & Hill Climbs saved by this rider:

Australia > South Australia > Norton Summit ride


Daniel commented on his own time: "hard ride up corckscrew first at 10:50 and then up here. Didn't feel that good till later in the ride."

Daniel commented on his own time: "Good effort, had a puncture at the bottom turning off of main north. 103km today"

Daniel commented on his own time: "Awesome to finally break the 4 min mark! A tough ride in warm weather after a long week of work and rides. Tasted blood after the summit, guess I burst something in my lungs pushing hard."

Daniel commented on his own time: "Rained all the way up. Good to post a time"

Daniel commented on his own time: "Out of the saddle once it got steep and kept a good pace for as long as I could but slowed after blowing up. Lungs were burning...felt very ill afterwards. Need to do more of this max effort stuff."

Forum Posts

30 Dec 2012 7:05 PM posted in Good on long climbs, terrible on short sharp ones

This is a question for help in regards to improving my training so that I can actually be competitive in the short sharp climbs. I am 175cm and weight roughly 62-65kg so I can do well on the longer climbes such as Norton Summit, Greenhill etc but come short sharp climbs like on Montague road or Darley Road as you cross the river and head towards Holden Hill. This is all Adelaide climbs for those who don't recognise these climbs. I try to sprint up these climbs but quickly run out of puff so to speak and another rider weighing 20kg more than me just powers off and leaves me in his dust. He keeps asking why I'm letting him go and why I don't try harder? I just can't seem to generate any power :(

23 May 2012 6:10 PM posted in Indoor trainers

I have a minoura 850 rim drive indoor trainer, it has recently started giving off a horrible burning rubber smell, not my tyre as it is a rim drive and the rim rollers are fine. Does anyone else have this problem and know what to do about it? It is a few years old, the back plastic cover has gone, but what i do know heats up are the metal spinning discs, these also make a cluncking noise now...I just don't have the money to buy something at the moment

24 Sep 2011 7:21 PM posted in SRAM rival

Hi all, earlier this year I bought a new cervelo S2 with Sram rival. I've updated the wheels, but the gears are now giving me a lot of problems. In the last 2 events I've had problems shifting from small chain to big after a hard hill. Cost me time in a time trial, and who knows what could have happened today had I been able to stay with the guy who attacked over the last hill. I'm not shifting badly I think, I've got the had in the middle of the cassette on the back, today the chain came off and I was so friggin mad. Really wish Shimano came with it at that price :(. Anyone else having issues with Sram and or know how to fix this? Went to hills cycles in Mt Barker earlier this week and they fixed the gears, so they say. Might not go back.

30 May 2011 6:01 PM posted in Jobs in Cycling?

I am wanting a career in the only area I am passionate about. I did a bicycle mechanics course run at night in a adult college near Marion Road, but wasn't very good at the theory. So mechanics jobs might not be ideal. Is there other jobs such as promoting a certain brand eg Merida or Cervelo in Australia? What other jobs are out there in the world of cycling?

20 May 2011 10:56 AM posted in Compression clothing

I am interested in buying some compression shorts for racing, have seen some good deals on a CR cyclings, but would like to know what others think. What is the best brand? I hear people either love or hate the skins shorts, I see 2XU are also well represented in the markets, has anyone tested both and can give feedback?


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