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Age: 43

Total Times Entered: 10

Favourite Course:
Arthurs Seat (2 rides)

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Brian Corbett

Member Profile: Brian Corbett

"There are no laws that govern the will"

Member Since: 2008

Victoria, Australia

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Current Weight:

72 kg

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Green tea


Anywhere thats hot

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John Cash


Moulin Rouge

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Cervelo R3


Zipp 909




Look Keo Carbon Pro

Bike Weight:

6.68 kg

Latest Times

Hill Climbs

24 Dec 2009: Arthur's Seat - 9mins 27secs

28 Nov 2009: Arthurs Seat - 9mins 11secs

24 Oct 2009: Mt Baw Baw - 33mins 23secs

04 Dec 2008: Arthurs Seat - 10mins 29secs

27 Aug 2008: cranky charlie - 11mins 22secs

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Brian commented on his own time: "Av watts 354, 11 more than last effort but 16sec slower due to wind"

Brian commented on his own time: "Didn't quite nail it. Am confident i can go sub 9 in the next couple of months"

Brian commented on his own time: "First time climb, man it was cold. Asthma sucks. 3rd km very tough otherwise ok. Not sure of finish went to stone wall at end of car park, 6.7km from toll gate"

Brian commented on his own time: "Asthma sux"

Forum Posts

10 Jun 2010 11:40 AM posted in Climbing - seated or standing - art or science?

I definately think you need to use both in and out of seat climbing to get the best effort out of a climb. I train with hr and power meter but when I tt a climb I go by feel. You need to flat line your hr and maintain momentum in your bike. When you hit a switchback take the steep line and get out of the seat, this is shorter in distance but also faster. Getting out of the seat adds 30watts to my effort but is not sustainable over a long climb. So then its straight back in the saddle and get the rhythm going again. Analyse the gradient as you climb and pick out the pinches and corners where you can stand up always monitoring momentum. If you get bogged down digging post holes you are not at optimum. Try getting out of seat before even thinking of changing to an easier gear (unless of course you have just bitten off way too much). My best advice is train for both and experiment on a known climb to maximise your effort. I must have climbed arthurs seat a couple of hundred times now and i know every cm of road and how to get the best out of myself. PB currently at 9.11.

26 Oct 2008 8:31 PM posted in Training to go faster up hills

All these coments are good but here is something else to consider. Riding a smaller gear will make your cadence higher and therefore the time spent during the dead spot of your pedal cycle 12 and 6 o'clock is reduced. The steeper the hill. the more important this becomes. Time spent in the dead spot is where gravity pulls you backwards. Ride big gears to develop strength yes but when doing your normal mileage just ride as many hills as possible and keep cadence 90-100 rpm. At times this will mean massively under gearing yourself, your average speed for your ride will suffer but the fitness gains are huge. Invest in a 27 cog........


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