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UCI APPROVED - Easton EC90 wheelset
Price: AUD $1400
Seller: James Herd

Price: 400
Seller: Peter Morgan

Polar CS600 Cycling Computer & Power Output Sensor
Price: $450 ono
Seller: Rebecca Davis

Cervelo P4 2011
Seller: malik khalid

AVANTI - Team Corsa 2007
Price: $1990 AUD
Seller: james russell

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16 Jul 2009 1:12 PM posted in Wheel Size?

If you are buying wheels and are thinking of racing then make sure you check out the Cycling SA website to find the UCI list of approved wheels. Some popular wheels are absent from the list as are all shop built wheels with rims deeper than 25mm. Not all shops will be up on this so you need to be aware of what you can race on.

09 Jul 2009 9:00 PM posted in Wheel Size?

Good chance you would look like a knob riding around on 808, they are a specialist wheel for special events. If you want one wheel to do everything them stick with something that will climb ok, is fairly aero and strong. A rim 30-40 mm is the go, with light aero spokes. Theres a few around like this. With most things, if your spending lots of $ go to your favourite bike shop, tell them what you want, do some internet research and make an informed selection. Best to go with a bike shop that has racing experience and understands the market. Or go to a bike race and have a look at what the guys are using, this is another way to get some ideas. Not sure what is so magical about low profile rims and 32 spokes. I've raced for over 30 years and while they may be cool for a bit of retro fun or riding Paris-Roubaix, when I'm looking for performance then they are off the list, poor aerodynamix and heavy. But still good for a solid pair of bullet proof training wheels.

04 Jul 2009 11:09 PM posted in Helmets

Note, helmet from overseas not able to be used in racing in Australia due to lack of Standards approval

03 Jan 2009 4:26 PM posted in Wheels

If you are serious about your cycling, you need a bike shop you can trust and where you do most of your shopping, in the long run you will get much better value than shopping around every shop in town or buying overseas(good luck with any warranty). Then it also makes these decisions much simpler, ask your trusted mechanic/bicycle consultant for their ideas and trust in their decision. Get to know them and they will look after you a little better than the casual shopper, eg do stuff for you when you need it urgently, get special orders in etc.

02 Jan 2009 10:38 AM posted in Weight training

Troy, if time is an issue, eg you don't have all day to train and recover, then you are probably better served by putting as much time in on the bike as possible and you will develop your strength by climbing and planned efforts in a big gear. You should be spending most of your time in lower gears however, it will not help overall by riding around in big gears all day. If you are spending as much time on the bike as you can, but you also have time where you must be home, like having to look after kids etc but can do some training in this time, then weight training would be beneficial, if it is organised with some knowledge and thought.


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