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Alice Paterson

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South Australia, Australia

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02 Jan 2010: Norton Summit - 21mins 10secs

13 Apr 2009: Norton Summit - 22mins 0secs

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25 Jan 2010 7:04 PM posted in 2010 Mutual Communit TDU Challenge

I am shocked at the organisation of the Challenge Tour. I knew there was only one food stop but never expected for there only to be a banana waiting for me upon arrival. After the $145 entry fee, one would expect (at the very least) fruit cake, lollies and various fruits. The water stations were always packed and waiting in the sun for 20mins was unacceptable. After speaking to friends they have all said they'll never do it again and neither will I. It was dangerous to put cyclists in that situation so I decided to voice my concerns to try and make a difference and change it for those next year. There have been a few others who called to complain but the more who call, the better action we'll have. They won't read it here. Here's who I called: Mike Rann's Office 8258 0480 SA Tourist Commission 8463 4500 Tourist Minister (Jane Lomax-Smith) 8226 1205 Ian Evans 8278 5844 Santos Tour Down Under 8463 4701 It doesn't take long just to inform them that you were disappointed. At the very least, let the Ian Evans and the SA Tourist Commission know. If they hear enough about what needs to be done, they must change it. I almost fell over when I head the main person in charge of organising the Challenge Tour does not actually own a bike (they do not understand the requirements of cycling 160km). $145 x 7500 (there were more that 7500 on the ride) = $1,087,500 (hmmm, how did we afford Lance?) Where did that million dollars go? I don't think it went into ensuring cyclists were safe and well looked after, that ride was done "on the cheap" and it put us all at risk. I was shocked at how many fit and young looking men were lying on the side of the road with drips in their arms. They need to know it was unacceptable.


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