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Gender: Male

Age: 43

Total Times Entered: 111

Favourite Course:
Greenhill Road (Mt. Lofty) (50 rides)

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Aaron Griffiths

Member Profile: Aaron Griffiths

"Pain is weakness leaving the body (copyright Tom Hensel!)"

Member Since: 2009

South Australia, Australia

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77 kg

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Snow Falling On Cedars

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Cannondale EVO


Fulcrum Racing Zero





Bike Weight:

8.5 kg

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24 Jan 2016: Corkscrew Road - 10mins 7secs

31 Dec 2014: Mt Coot-tha Back. - 8mins 10secs

29 Dec 2014: Mt Coot-tha Back. - 8mins 19secs

20 Jan 2014: Corkscrew Road - 9mins 22secs

14 Apr 2013: Old Willunga Hill - 9mins 50secs

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Aaron commented on his own time: "Hit climb at 75km mark of 110km loop. A minute outside best time. This climb still hurts at "tempo", so I may as well smash it next time!"

Aaron commented on his own time: "hot Qld morn. Climbed it with Ian Wells, "The Freak""

Aaron commented on his own time: "climbed it with Ian Wells, "The Freak""

Aaron commented on his own time: "Did climb after 75km. Wasn't going to time it, but was on my new bike so I wanted to check it against me previous efforts. Didn't smash it, and only 17secs outside of pb, so this was a good sign"

Aaron commented on his own time: "Part of Bike SA's Grand Slam"

Forum Posts

27 Feb 2013 2:40 PM posted in Good on long climbs, terrible on short sharp ones

Daniel, you have two options to build strength in your legs 1) do squats and/or leg extension exercises in the gym or 2) do Strength Hill Repeats, 60rpm, on an easy consistent hill, say 5% grade or thereabouts. I'd go for Option 2) cos the scenery is better Here's what I do: 10min intervals on Old Freeway, 60rpm, stay seated. Roll back down and repeat...........start slowly because knee injuries can occur if you go too hard or your cadence is too low at the start, particulary if the muscles around your knee aren't developed enough to support this heavy workload. Do these sessions in private, then challenge the BIG guys to a Greenhill Road duel in a couple of months (Jonathan, I'm not sure that 30rpm is gonna be good for Daniel's knees!)

11 Feb 2011 6:55 PM posted in SRAM vs SHIMANO or CAMPAG

I'm with Daniel. An Adelaide bike shop advertised a riding jacket for $190. It was $100 on-line. I asked the salesperson, not to match the price, but to come close enough for me to buy it on the spot. He wasn't interested one bit and didn't budge a cent on the $190 price. If the gap was smaller, yes, I would purchase it locally because I can see and touch it on the shelf and I think buying something from an actual human is worth something. But that gap is unbelievable. Same product. It arrived free delivery on my doorstep 5 days later. Good service. The mantra that bike shop people spout is "support your local bike shop". I call it "gullible". No person would deliberately buy the same product for much more than they see it advertised somewhere else. The last time I checked, businesses exist for a profit - and only a profit. If they want our charity (ie for us to gullibly buy products at highly inflated prices), then they should drop their prices or close down and re-register as a charity - at least they won't have to pay taxes!

11 Feb 2011 6:40 PM posted in Knee problem gone, proper fit

Mate, they're big numbers Corey! Did they do a front-on video looking at the verticality of your knee position during your pedal stroke. Sometimes these eccentricities (out or in) can cause knee soreness. Thanks for the info. I personally think bike fits are invaluable. Best money spent.

10 Feb 2011 11:31 PM posted in Knee problem gone, proper fit

Nice ad, Corey! No, seriously, your post was low on facts but high on anecdotal emotion (ie like an ad) so please explain the change in setup. eg lower/higher seat OR shorter/longer fore aft (horizontal seat) position OR shorter/longer handlebar stem length OR change in cleat position on your shoes.......... Thanks Aaron

16 Jan 2011 5:42 PM posted in Coast to Vines Bike Path

I start the Expressway bike path at Marion Rd, then south all the way until it just merges with the Coast to Vines trail at Noarlunga/Seaford?? Check out the map on this link where the Expressway and Trail intersect...................


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