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The old freeway (6 rides)

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Richard Hillock

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South Australia, Australia

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10 Jul 2011: Kensington Road Lookout - 9mins 31secs

05 Apr 2011: The old freeway - 30mins 28secs

27 Mar 2011: Norton Summit - 20mins 26secs

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Richard commented on his own time: "Off the bike for 3 weeks and it shows"

Richard commented on his own time: "Raining"

Richard commented on his own time: "Amy's ride 2009"

Forum Posts

28 Jul 2011 8:28 PM posted in HEALTH-SVT

Hi , I am a cardiologist with subspecialty interest in rhythm problems in Adelaide and I saw the thread when I signed into night. I thought that even though the thread was 2 years old that I would add a bit of a summary for anyone who might look. Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) is a general term for any rhythm over 100 beats per minute that comes from the top chambers of the heart. They are usually benign and require treatment only when they cause symptoms. The exception to the rule is Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome (WPW) which may be risky if it causes very fast rates which can lead to blacking out. If you have WPW or symptomatic rapid heart rates I would suggest you get reviewed by a heart rhythm cardiologist (Cardiac Electrophysiologist). Tony's comments sounds more like a rhythm that comes from the bottom chambers (ventricles) called ventricular tachycardia. This may well be life threatening especially in the setting of a problem with the heart muscle (cardiomyopathy) and certainly requires specialized care and guidance about the advisability of exercise. A good website is [url=]link[/url] Simple ways to slow the heart rate down during the attack are: drinking an icy cold drink quickly, straining like you are constipated on the toilet, pressure on the carotid artery on one side of the neck ([b]not [/b]both sides at the same time!), bending over, and coughing may help in about 30% of people and worth trying. In general terms; if you are worried - get it checked out. Cheers and happy riding.

27 Mar 2010 9:34 AM posted in I need new wheels

Have you checked the axle play and spoke tension? A wheelbuilder at your LBS could do this cheaply.


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