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Gender: Male

Age: 26

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Norton Summit (3 rides)

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Member Profile: Jason

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South Australia, Australia

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72 kg

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20 Feb 2010: Norton Summit - 14mins 58secs

15 Nov 2009: Norton Summit - 17mins 45secs

11 Nov 2009: Chandlers Hill - 9mins 8secs

10 Nov 2009: Greenhill Road (Mt. Lofty) - 28mins 12secs

01 Nov 2009: Old Willunga Hill - 12mins 38secs

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Jason commented on his own time: "Heavy fall whilst running, so not my best/ most comfortable ride up to the Summit!"

Jason commented on his own time: "Part of Amy's ride,"

Forum Posts

12 Feb 2011 4:17 PM posted in SRAM vs SHIMANO or CAMPAG

The good thing about Sram and Shimano is you can use either or for the basic components eg i use a dura ace chain, and also on my training wheels I have a 105 cassette. But Rival is more around the 105 mark than Ultegra, Force is basically the Ultegra equivalent not sure on how different Rival is. Campag is much more different that shimano and Sram, making the change to Sram was quite easy for me.

11 Feb 2011 11:05 PM posted in SRAM vs SHIMANO or CAMPAG

On a completely different note and a bit unusual, an on topic post from me... first 4 bikes I've had 2 road 2 mountain, I had shimano all the way never thought about doing anything else, with the mountain bike, back then there wasnt a great alternative, atleast not that I was aware of. Then bought a second hand bike with Sram and now am pretty hooked! just bought my first brand new bike (from a Local bike store :P) with Sram find it really good for racing in actually. cant say much about Rival however, onto Red now and force before that.

11 Feb 2011 10:59 PM posted in SRAM vs SHIMANO or CAMPAG

Well I actually dont run a business myself and dont have heaps of money I am a student but i still see where the extra money comes into it. Firstly the online stores are not based in Australia, the cycling market in Australia is ridiculous... reason why because bike stores are forced to buy from reps who bring in products like zipp and sram etc and also your precious $190 jacket. The online sites get the products cheaper than the Aus reps do, which is why you do get it cheaper! Now i understand saving money like your 90 difference is huge and almost buys a new set of knicks(online) which is very attractive! But have you ever tried to return a product? I think their good service will end as soon as you do. getting good service when you are giving people money is not hard its when you have a problem with an item and get good service that it really is something special! Now onto how you guys seem to be treated by your respective bike stores thats not fantastic, mainly Daniel actually only daniel, the fact your sponsored store doesnt even know who you are after spending that much money with them is a bit bad and the fact they charge you $250 for the privilege of wearing their kit is just wrong! your right you shouldnt be going back to them, they dont deserve it, its basic sales, you look after people who A support your business and more so B advertise your business!! So yes I do see merit in not wanting to buy a bike from a store who doesnt actually look after you, but the internet is killing small business it wont touch the big multi million dollar business who do only care about PROFIT!! it hurts the small businesses who risk their entire livelyhoods to run a business, that usually their passionate about. Wow business is to make profit, very clever insight, did you study economics at uni?? yes business is their to make profit, that profit puts food on the table, lets remember we arent talking about BIG W here that makes absurd amounts of money its Jo and Mary's bike store most of the time, that instead of having a run of the mill job and getting by dare to think big and make a bit more money at huge risk to their futures if it doesnt work out! I think I've had enough of a rant for now, so until another comment gets me fired up cya later!

10 Feb 2011 11:16 PM posted in SRAM vs SHIMANO or CAMPAG

Have you ever had to run a bike store and make a living from selling bikes and repairing them?? Have you ever run a business? Online only needs to pay for somewhere to store bikes and a website, a bike store needs to pay for a nice property with proper frontage taxes, council rates electricity, wages and so much more. there is a reason their price is higher its because they need to live!! They are also the ones that fix your online bike when something goes wrong with it and actually provide a legitimate warranty and actual service. If you buy online please dont first waste a bike stores time asking them about all the different bikes and options and then turning around and buying of the internet under running their lively hood and wasting time they could spend on real customers. So yes i think bike stores do realise they are more expensive you don need to send them hints they aren't stupid, their perfectly aware that the internet could be sending them into bankruptcy!

18 Oct 2010 4:56 PM posted in Forum Topics being Hijacked

I was about to start a forum on the same topic! Surely you can edit them or delete them when they appear?


11 Apr 2011: For Sale - Garmin Edge 705