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Ride Statistics

Total Distance:
0.55km | 0.34mi

Starting Altitude:
30m | 98ft

Finishing Altitude:
54m | 177ft

Average Gradient: 4.4%

Elevation Gain:
24m | 79ft

Surface Type:
Smooth Bitumen / Asphalt

Difficulty: 19   What's this?

Montefiore Hill - Hill Climb

Distance: 0.55km | 0.34mi

Attempts: 15


Start at corner of Montefiore Road and War Memorial Drive (Next to the North Adelaide Golf Links) Race up north to the next set of lights at the top of the hill near Col.Lights Statue (Montefiore Road becomes Jeffcott St after the lights). Watch out for speed cameras!

Start Point: Lights at corner of Montefiore Road (after crossing Torrens River), rolling

End point: Top of the hill, (next set of lights) across from Col. Light

10 Fastest Hill Climbs

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1. 0mins 42secs - 23 Aug 2011: Matthew Witts

2. 0mins 46secs - 15 Jun 2008: Alex Holmes

3. 0mins 48secs - 17 Nov 2009: Robert Rau

4. 0mins 55secs - 13 Jun 2008: Sam England

5. 0mins 56secs - 10 Nov 2008: Justin Barr

6. 0mins 58secs - 11 Jun 2008: andrew rowling

7. 0mins 59secs - 02 Jan 2012: Paul Inglis

8. 1min 5secs - 22 Jun 2008: Alan Tomasic

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