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Ride Statistics

Total Distance:
5.60km | 3.48mi

Starting Altitude:
40m | 131ft

Finishing Altitude:
210m | 689ft

Average Gradient: 3.0%

Elevation Gain:
170m | 558ft

Surface Type:
Smooth Bitumen / Asphalt

Difficulty: 23   What's this?

Warrandyte-K Ground Hill Climb

Distance: 5.60km | 3.48mi

Attempts: 153


Start with rolling start at bus stop on north side of Warrandyte Bridge. Continue through to the last rise before the roundabout at K Ground. Finishing point is the driveway on the left (with a rock at the front) on the top of the rise. The first 1km and the last 200m are the worst sections. (there's some doubt over the altitude details)

Start Point: Bus stop on north side of Warrandyte Bridge, rolling

End point: Rise before K Ground roundabout. Driveway on the left with a big rock.

10 Fastest Hill Climbs

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1. 10mins 10secs - 23 Jan 2011: Shane Miller

2. 10mins 50secs - 06 May 2006: Shane Miller

3. 11mins 28secs - 23 Nov 2008: Andrew McGrath

4. 11mins 41secs - 08 Dec 2007: Justin Wornes

5. 11mins 46secs - 19 Apr 2009: Rob Milohanic

6. 11mins 50secs - 03 Jul 2008: Erin Francis

7. 12mins 5secs - 12 Jan 2006: big mat

8. 12mins 11secs - 24 Feb 2008: John Van Seters

9. 12mins 17secs - 19 Apr 2009: Ritch Longmire

10. 12mins 29secs - 21 Sep 2010: Tim O'Leary

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