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Age: N/A

Total Times Entered: 85

Favourite Course:
Checker Hill (Back) (16 rides)

Avg Distance per Week:

John Staines

Member Profile: John Staines

"Nil Satis Nisi Optium"

Member Since: 2008

South Australia, Australia

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Rice pudding





Super Hero:

Geraint Thomas


All sorts


All sorts

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Pinarello Paris


Dura Ace


Dura Ace


Dura Ace

Bike Weight:

7 kg

Latest Times

Hill Climbs

03 Apr 2010: Kangaroo Creek Dam - 6mins 31secs

23 Feb 2008: Windy Point - 13mins 30secs

12 Jan 2008: Waterfall Gully - 9mins 12secs

23 Dec 2007: Waterfall Gully - 9mins 44secs

01 Dec 2007: Kangaroo Creek Dam - 6mins 23secs

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Circuits & Hill Climbs saved by this rider:

Australia > South Australia > Gummie - Birdwood - Gummie loop


John commented on his own time: "Had a tail find heading up the Forreston Rd....full on head wind on Warren Road....mixed on the final stretch. Pushed hard but still very unfit."

Forum Posts

15 Jan 2009 8:08 PM posted in To wave or not to wave..

ps that was an ace story draw. :)

15 Jan 2009 8:06 PM posted in To wave or not to wave..

Jase is the king of wavers....I remember we had a comp while riding one day....Jase beat me hands down! (no pun intended) Clearly they felt sorry for him ;-) Cheers J

15 Jan 2009 7:56 AM posted in Wheels

Hi I got myself a pair of Easton Circuits for A$500.00.....they'd be an excellent buy if you're looking for training wheels. There are higher end Easton wheels if you want to spend abit more + use them for racing etc. I also bought a pair of Mavic SSL's and to be honest I like my cheaper Eastons more :-) All upto the individual. Cheers J

10 Jan 2009 10:36 PM posted in Please don't do this.

Jase! I was just thinking about you last weekend when I was out riding the Gummie/Springton Loop.....I miss riding with you mate, always a pleasure. I hope you are well and had a great christmas. Cheers, J PS I think Lisa gets abit tired of my old Jason Daniels cycling stories ;-)

10 Jan 2009 11:21 AM posted in Please don't do this.

Dear Cyclists, It's that time of year all cyclists from SA and Interstate have been waiting for.....the TDU is coming. VERY EXCITING. However, I witnessed something today that....well made me just a little annoyed. I saw a cyclist in Gumeracha rip open a power gel and then proceed to throw the wrapper into the gutter. As I said I watched what he did and decided it wasn't right. So I went to the shop to buy my newspaper but on the way back I stopped the car & picked up the wrapper. I then drove after the offending cyclist to return what he must have surely dropped by mistake. I hope he's happy to be reunited with his lost "Power Gel" wrapper. Could I ask all cyclists to please put their rubbish in their backpockets and take it home. You brought it up the mountain and now that you've consumed the item it should technically be lighter and of lesser weight so there's no reason why you need to damage the environent or litter the beautiful Adelaide Hills. The beauty of Adelaide is just one of the many things that makes the TDU so special and ultimately successful. We can all help by not doing what that lad did today. Thanks for reading my mini rant. Cheers J ps I come from England where the place...and lets be a rubbish tip. I was amazed at how clean and rubbish free Adelaide was when I got here. I just can't fathom why people would litter when we live in such a beautiful country.....


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