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Gender: Male

Age: 24

Total Times Entered: 8

Favourite Course:
Tamborine(from Logan side) (5 rides)

Avg Distance per Week:

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David Melville

Member Profile: David Melville

Member Since: 2009

Queensland, Australia

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Hill Climbs

22 Apr 2011: West Mt Cotton Road (southern end - long) - 9mins 25secs

19 Jun 2010: Tamborine(from Logan side) - 18mins 48secs

21 Mar 2010: Mt Coot-tha Back. - 6mins 58secs

06 Jan 2010: Tamborine(from Logan side) - 22mins 30secs

03 Sep 2009: Tamborine(from Logan side) - 20mins 58secs

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David commented on his own time: "SE effort over geared at around 65 rpm"

David commented on his own time: "constant effort at theshold."

David commented on his own time: "and yes, 6.58 on sunday was the fastest time i've recorded myself doing."

David commented on his own time: "hey, thanks for the interest. I don't have a power meter so can't help you out with data. As for gearing, I rode 53x 19 for first 500-800 meters I think. Dropped it in to 39 - 19/17 for rest of it. I tend to climb overgeared at around 65 -70 cadence so i probably wasn't as efficient as I could have been. In training its not that diffucult to go up cootha in the 53, but you won't go fast in the last 1km which is where a decent time is made or lost. As for diet, nothing really that special, just alot of carbs. As for training, about 350km to 550km a week depending on how work goes. I'd say a time of 6.30 is possible and i'm sure guys like David Betts, Stuart Cowin, Chris White, Cam Hughes and the like would have gone up there in around 6.30 when they had top form. Personally, I'd expect to get up there in around 6.40 in a few months time when my training begins to get more intensive. Thanks for the interest!"

David commented on his own time: "Had 6 weeks off the bike from a broken pelvis. Been back on for 3 weeks so did a effort at 87-89%of max HR up the climb. Seated mainly, cadence 80-90. Trying to get an idea of how much fitness I've lost!"

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