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Hill Climb Time

Climb: Mt Coot-tha Back.
Rider:David Melville
Personal Rank:1
Climb Date:21 Mar 2010
Climb Time:6mins 58secs
Rider Weight:68 Kg
Bike Weight:9 Kg

Power and Speed:
Average Speed:20.6 km/hr
Vertical Speed:32.2 metres/minute
Estimated Power:459 Watts
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Power / Weight:6.7 Watts/kg
Optional Information:
Average Heartrate:N/A
Average Cadence:N/A
Verification Details: Mt Cootha Challenge ride
Fitness Level:Very Fit
Effort Level:Maximum
Competition Level:A Grade
9 Comments about this time
Correy Edmed On 22/03/2010 10:11:00 AM
Correy Edmed Says:
Fantastic Time.. Congratulations.
Kristian Juel On 22/03/2010 5:24:00 PM
Kristian Juel Says:
haha... you can have first here... or should I just put down 6:57 to get that honor? Nah :)
winston wolfe On 23/03/2010 12:38:00 AM
winston wolfe Says:
Seriously good time David. Congrats to you and Kristian for the 21/3/10 ride. If you used a power meter on the day, I'd be interested in your stats i.e. altitude or rise, distance traveled, body and bike weight, average cadence. I am also curious about your gearing. presume you used a quality road bike at 39/23-25. I have provided Bicycle Qld with a spreadsheet analysis of the time trial for the last few years, and am trying to tweak the power formula. If you are interested, the formula I use is well known and explanations are on several internet sites. P= gm Vg (K1+s)+K2 Va^2 Vg
Kristian Juel On 23/03/2010 10:28:00 AM
Kristian Juel Says:
Sorry Winston... I took mine off for the day so for once I don't have data.
winston wolfe On 23/03/2010 12:42:00 PM
winston wolfe Says:
Thx Kristian. I can understand stripping down the bike on a hill climb tt. I presume the two of you egging each other on helped secure the sub7s... I imagine you were on each other most of the climb. I am a physiotherapist and physiologist, and would be very interested in David's and your diet and exercise regime, as would many others. If you are open to it, I think it would make a good article/interview for Bicycle Queensland's website. I could talk to BQ about it if you are interested. Sorry for waffling like this on your page David. :)
David Melville On 25/03/2010 8:39:00 PM
David Melville Says:
hey, thanks for the interest. I don't have a power meter so can't help you out with data. As for gearing, I rode 53x 19 for first 500-800 meters I think. Dropped it in to 39 - 19/17 for rest of it. I tend to climb overgeared at around 65 -70 cadence so i probably wasn't as efficient as I could have been. In training its not that diffucult to go up cootha in the 53, but you won't go fast in the last 1km which is where a decent time is made or lost. As for diet, nothing really that special, just alot of carbs. As for training, about 350km to 550km a week depending on how work goes. I'd say a time of 6.30 is possible and i'm sure guys like David Betts, Stuart Cowin, Chris White, Cam Hughes and the like would have gone up there in around 6.30 when they had top form. Personally, I'd expect to get up there in around 6.40 in a few months time when my training begins to get more intensive. Thanks for the interest!
David Melville On 25/03/2010 8:43:00 PM
David Melville Says:
and yes, 6.58 on sunday was the fastest time i've recorded myself doing.
winston wolfe On 26/03/2010 1:53:00 PM
winston wolfe Says:
Thx for responding David. Wow, am stunned by your high gear ratio, testament to your fitness, and 68kg? If you need a good dietitian to help optimize event glycogen stores, bodyweight, and hydration, I can recommend Sally Garrard. Getting that stuff right makes a big diff to peak performance. My power calculator, which should be on the BQ website soon, puts your watts/kg at ~6.2. If you can sustain that >20 minutes, you are Tour de France material :)
Kristian Juel On 12/04/2010 8:58:00 PM
Kristian Juel Says:
Sorry about not replying before now... hmm in regards to eating - nothing special. Your normal university diet plus lots of rice and pasta. Training - late oct-late dec I did about 22 hours a week on average to get the Ks up (uni holidays are made for base training). At the moment I think I'd be on about 10-15 hours, so 300-500 ks a week. I did the whole climb on the 39... spun in the saddle at a high cadence for the flat bit at the base and then climbed the hill at, as I remember, about 60-80 rpm out of the saddle half the time. I'm currently at about 62 kg.
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