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Gender: Male

Age: 33

Total Times Entered: 14

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Norton Summit (5 rides)

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Michael Johnson

Member Profile: Michael Johnson

Member Since: 2009

South Australia, Australia

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72 kg

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Fuji Altamira 1.0 '11


Fulcrum Racing 7


Dura-Ace 7900


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9 kg

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16 Feb 2011: Norton Summit - 15mins 44secs

27 Nov 2010: Greenhill Road (Mt. Lofty) - 25mins 21secs

04 Nov 2010: Norton Summit - 16mins 0secs

02 Nov 2010: Coachhouse Drv/Woodland Way - 14mins 25secs

01 Nov 2010: Coach Rd - 12mins 45secs

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Michael commented on his own time: "Group Ride, was protected from winds by the bunch"

Michael commented on his own time: "Paced by Reg, he probably negated most of the head wind."

Michael commented on his own time: "Had a growling stomach after work, still figured I'd give this one a go."

Michael commented on his own time: "Not sure about the direction of the wind but it felt like it was in my face most of the time. Been off the bike for 9 days, but I felt really fresh going up was surprised to be slower, but I did have more air in my lungs compared to when I was paced by Reg. Focused more on my cadence and riding position and kept seated 99% of the ride, which isn't my typical style. Hoping it helps improve my times.. in time."

Michael commented on his own time: "Benchmark set."

Forum Posts

26 Jan 2010 7:58 PM posted in 2010 Mutual Communit TDU Challenge

[quote=Daniel Kelly]Other rides people compare this too are missing a pretty big point, they don't have 8,000 going.[/quote] Amy's ride didn't have 8000 riders to deal with, nor the excessive funds that 8000 riders delivers yet they managed to have more than 8 taps at a single drink stop. I prepared for the ride and that's probably partly why I didn't go home in an ambulance, but when the TDU ride is the most expensive (that I know of) on the Adelaide calendar, I _do_ expect the same if not more in regards to support.

24 Jan 2010 11:04 PM posted in 2010 Challenge Tour

I don't have a problem with the ride, but the organisation was horrendous! I didn't pull over at every water stop, but the ones I did were shocking to say the least. At one I lined up for at least 20 minutes if not more because they'd set up eight (EIGHT!) taps for the thousands of riders that would be coming through. Then there's the brilliant idea of the unmanned water stops where they simply had boxed water. By the time myself and my partner rolled past each of these either they were a dead zone or contained a handful of riders scrounging through empty boxes looking for those last few drops of liquid gold. I think the food on offer was even worse though, simply one food stop at the 90KM mark (if you were a Norwood starter) and all they had on offer was bananas? Even the pros are eating multiple times an hour as they ride, yet for $145 (non discount) we get bananas at one stop and a small lunch at the end to survive 160.5KM? $145 seems like a joke; were apparently expected to fuel the rest of our trip? (I did bring excess of my own because you can never be too safe). I'm pretty certain I'll be heading to Bright next year for the Alpine Classic rather than doing the TDU.

24 Jan 2010 10:53 PM posted in 2010 Mutual Communit TDU Challenge

Thanks Robert. I don't think it's skeletal problems though I can't be certain, but after the pain on Amy's ride my back adjusted to handling 100KM rides, so I prefer to believe it's muscle related. I've started stretching most nights even when not riding to help out with posture on the bike and I'll make sure to add some core exercises to the mix.

24 Jan 2010 9:06 AM posted in 2010 Mutual Communit TDU Challenge

My lower back gave in after the 120KM mark and that headwind kicked in! Not too surprising though, it did the same when I attempted my first 100KM on Amy's Ride last year (hadn't gone past 70KM before that) but it provided the strength for my back to survive 100KM rides from then on. I rode the last 40KM in agony and too slow for my pride, but I had to make the end. Around the 3KM to go mark I noticed my rear had punctured (slow leak) but there was no way my body was going to be able to change it, so I rode on it. Few nicks on one side of my rear rim because the sidewind kept pushing the bike and causing the rim to drop off the rubber onto the road. None too bad though and the rims are nothing special so I wasn't chipping away at my bank balance. Crossed the line and was ever so happy to lie down on the ground! Got as many liquid carbs in me as I could early, then made sure to eat the majority of my free lunch. I pulled up fine the next day, albeit tired. I'd been 'carb'ing up and over hydrating myself in prep for the ride as best I could. Apart from my back failure I think the rest of me arrived in Goolwa nicely. Will core exercises help my back on those occasions when I ride past my usual weekly limits? I know if I keep doing 130+KM rides my back muscles will adjust and support me for that long, but can I create the strength off the bike? I'll be on the coast to coast in march and would love to ride home from it, but I'm a little concerned. I'm confident I can make it there in comfort, but I may die on the ride home :P

19 Jan 2010 10:56 AM posted in 2010 Challenge Tour

[quote=Dwayne Cox]Any options for us country folk to get the right size now or too late she cried??? Sad, because its an awesome event.[/quote] I overheard one of the girls mention that there's a chance you can swap jerseys over on the morning of the ride at your starting location. That's the final chance for people to register, so they'll have a definite idea at that stage of what excess they have. I've no idea on if you'd need to wait till the last few minutes of registration time though, or what.


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