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Hill Climb Time

Climb: Norton Summit
Rider:Michael Johnson
Personal Rank:5
Climb Date:11 Feb 2010
Climb Time:17mins 57secs
Rider Weight:74 Kg
Bike Weight:12 Kg

Power and Speed:
Average Speed:18.7 km/hr
Vertical Speed:15.1 metres/minute
Estimated Power:253 Watts
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Power / Weight:3.4 Watts/kg
Optional Information:
Average Heartrate:N/A
Average Cadence:N/A
Verification Details: Me (speedo)
Fitness Level:Average Fitness
Effort Level:Hard
Competition Level:Recreational
Wind:Slight Head
1 Comment about this time
Michael Johnson On 11/02/2010 7:40:00 PM
Michael Johnson Says:
Not sure about the direction of the wind but it felt like it was in my face most of the time. Been off the bike for 9 days, but I felt really fresh going up was surprised to be slower, but I did have more air in my lungs compared to when I was paced by Reg. Focused more on my cadence and riding position and kept seated 99% of the ride, which isn't my typical style. Hoping it helps improve my times.. in time.
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16 Feb 2011 15mins 44secs 0 Comments
04 Nov 2010 16mins 0secs 1 Comment
11 Feb 2010 17mins 57secs 1 Comment
29 Dec 2009 17mins 40secs 1 Comment