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Hill Climb Time

Climb: Lake mountain (from marysville)
Rider:Ned Powell
Personal Rank:1
Climb Date:31 Dec 2011
Climb Time:55mins 8secs
Rider Weight:72 Kg
Bike Weight:7.3 Kg

Power and Speed:
Average Speed:22.1 km/hr
Vertical Speed:16.4 metres/minute
Estimated Power:279 Watts
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Power / Weight:3.9 Watts/kg
Optional Information:
Average Heartrate:166
Average Cadence:89 rpm
Verification Details:
Fitness Level:Fit
Effort Level:Maximum
Competition Level:B Grade
1 Comment about this time
Ned Powell On 1/01/2012 6:22:00 PM
Ned Powell Says:
Maintained a good intensity all the way up and the legs were feeling better after a few shorter days on the bike previously. I kept my heart rate high and pushed it pretty hard. Unfortunately the Garmin didn't record properly so it didn't get recorded on Strava.
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31 Dec 2011 55mins 8secs 1 Comment
07 Aug 2011 1hr 4mins 30secs 1 Comment