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Circuit Ride Time

Circuit:Kinglake Whittlesea Loop Course
Rider:Steve Booth
Personal Rank:4
Ride Date:28 Apr 2013
Ride Time:2hrs 35mins 0secs Compare My Time »
Average Speed:25.8 km/hr
Rider Weight:90 Kg
Bike Weight:8 Kg

Optional Information:
Average Heartrate:126
Average Cadence:70 rpm
Verification Details:
Fitness Level:Average Fitness
Effort Level:Hard
Competition Level:Recreational
0 Comments about this time
All of Steve Booth's attempts at this climb:
30 Nov 2013 2hrs 34mins 0secs 0 Comments
28 Apr 2013 2hrs 35mins 0secs 0 Comments
21 Apr 2013 2mins 54secs 0 Comments
09 Dec 2012 3hrs 5mins 0secs 0 Comments
16 Sep 2012 2hrs 35mins 0secs 0 Comments
28 May 2012 2hrs 58mins 0secs 0 Comments
13 Feb 2012 2hrs 43mins 0secs 0 Comments
15 Jan 2012 2hrs 54mins 0secs 0 Comments
23 Oct 2011 2hrs 53mins 0secs 0 Comments
27 Aug 2011 2hrs 30mins 0secs 0 Comments