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Edge 705
Price: $390
Seller: Jeffrey Schulz

Oakley Jawbone 00 Red Iridium Polarized Lenses
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2007 Cervelo R3 with SRAM Force
Price: AUD$4999 OBO
Seller: Kevyn Lee

Speedplay 1/4inch longer axles
Price: 90
Seller: kerianne Parfitt

Bouwmeester Tubular 38mm Carbon Wheels
Price: $1000 AUD
Seller: Ronny (Sugar)

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Hill Climb Time

Climb: Mt Coot-tha Back.
Rider:phillip melville
Personal Rank:1
Climb Date:25 May 2006
Climb Time:7mins 33secs
Rider Weight:65 Kg
Bike Weight:8.7 Kg

Power and Speed:
Average Speed:19.0 km/hr
Vertical Speed:29.7 metres/minute
Estimated Power:400 Watts
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Power / Weight:6.2 Watts/kg
Optional Information:
Average Heartrate:188
Average Cadence:N/A
Verification:hrm file
Verification Details:
Fitness Level:
Effort Level:
Competition Level:A grade
1 Comment about this time
phillip melville phillip melville Says:
I gave the back way up cootha an attempt after 3 rest days of 30mins a day on the bike. Felt really good and just gunned it up, had 2 full bottles so i threw them off after one kilometer as i wanted to see how quick i could get up in. I did the climb befo
All of phillip melville's attempts at this climb:
25 May 2006 7mins 33secs 1 Comment