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Bike Circuit Time Trials

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Top Circuits

Kew Blvd

54 Attempts,   Distance 13.15km,   Elevation Gain N/A

01 Dec 2008: Tim Farley - 22mins 2secs

Country: Australia
Region: Victoria

Morning Ride

31 Attempts,   Distance 22.54km,   Elevation Gain N/A

23 Sep 2011: Matthew Lohmann - 39mins 11secs

Country: Australia
Region: South Australia

Wallace St direct to Olicc

18 Attempts,   Distance 13.33km,   Elevation Gain 50m

12 Nov 2008: Jeffrey Schulz - 24mins 28secs

Country: Australia
Region: South Australia

Willie TT

17 Attempts,   Distance 5.00km,   Elevation Gain N/A

19 Nov 2009: Mark Myszka - 6mins 16secs

Country: Australia
Region: Victoria

Kew Boulevard TT course

15 Attempts,   Distance 10.45km,   Elevation Gain 130m

13 Jan 2010: Joshua Zammit - 16mins 19secs

Country: Australia
Region: Victoria

Normon Circuit

13 Attempts,   Distance 23.92km,   Elevation Gain 585m

08 Nov 2008: Brett Aitken - 42mins 17secs

Country: Australia
Region: South Australia

Tour Down Under 09 Stage 4

13 Attempts,   Distance 142.54km,   Elevation Gain 1725m

05 Nov 2009: Ronny (Sugar) - 4hrs 2mins 0secs

Country: Australia
Region: South Australia

Amy's Ride 09 - Bicycle SA

11 Attempts,   Distance 100.59km,   Elevation Gain 1018m

01 Nov 2009: Ronny (Sugar) - 3hrs 6mins 40secs

Country: Australia
Region: South Australia

Kinglake Whittlesea Loop Course

10 Attempts,   Distance 66.54km,   Elevation Gain N/A

21 Apr 2013: Steve Booth - 2mins 54secs

Country: Australia
Region: Victoria

Alpine Classic Extreme

9 Attempts,   Distance 242.65km,   Elevation Gain 4345m

24 Jan 2010: Anthony Seipolt - 9hrs 50mins 0secs

Country: Australia
Region: Victoria