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Ride Statistics

Total Distance:
6.00km | 3.73mi

Starting Altitude:
780m | 2,559ft

Finishing Altitude:
1,460m | 4,790ft

Average Gradient: 11.3%

Elevation Gain:
680m | 2,231ft

Surface Type:

Difficulty: 128   What's this?

Mt Baw Baw Hill Climb

Distance: 6.00km | 3.73mi

Attempts: 175


Mt Baw Baw
A few stats for that all important gear choice.
The Baw Baw climb is 6km from the gatehouse to the summit with an elevation gain of 680m.
This means that the average gradient is 11.3% for the whole climb (680/6000 x 100).
I am not sure what the steepest sections are.
As a comparison, L'Alpe d'Huez, the most famous climb in the Tour de France is 13.8km at 7.9%.
The Col du Tourmalet is 18.3km at 7.7% and the Col de la Madelaine is 19.4km at 7.7%.
Last year's Tour of Spain had a climb up L'Angliru which was billed as the
toughest climb in the world (see ).
It is 13km at an average of 9.6% with the last 6 km averaging 13%.
The steepest section is 23.5%.
Although a "hors category" climb normally has an elevation gain of at least
1000m and more likely, 1500m, the steepness of Baw Baw would mean that it
would be classed as a hors category in Europe.
As you can see, Baw Baw is not that far behind L'Angliru.
Toll ~ Neulynes = 2kms
Neulynes ~ Chair Gully = 2kms
Chair Gully ~ Finish = 3kms

Start Point: Toll Gate 80km from Warragul, stationary

End point: Mt Baw Baw Village

Map & Route to Mt Baw Baw


10 Fastest Hill Climbs

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1. 30mins 13secs - 10 Apr 2011: Jason B Spencer

2. 30mins 50secs - 26 Mar 2010: adam cobain

3. 32mins 45secs - 29 Mar 2011: Trevor Spencer

4. 32mins 47secs - 25 Feb 2007: Rowan Dever

5. 33mins 2secs - 06 Apr 2007: Justin Wornes

6. 33mins 5secs - 18 Mar 2007: Shane Miller

7. 33mins 6secs - 19 Mar 2005: Ashley Hayat

8. 33mins 23secs - 24 Oct 2009: Brian Corbett

9. 33mins 30secs - 16 Nov 2002: Chris L Beales

10. 33mins 30secs - 03 Jan 2006: Murray Spink

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