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Gender: Male

Age: 40

Total Times Entered: 6

Favourite Course:
Norton Summit (2 rides)

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Paul A Smith

Member Profile: Paul A Smith

"Shut Up Legs"

Member Since: 2008

South Australia, Australia

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07 Feb 2010: Kangaroo Creek Dam - 6mins 14secs

07 Feb 2010: Norton Summit - 19mins 15secs

09 Jan 2010: Norton Summit - 19mins 20secs

05 Jan 2010: Ansteys Hill - 12mins 18secs

11 Dec 2009: Greenhill Road - the first 800 metres - 2mins 27secs

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Forum Posts

31 Oct 2011 5:25 PM posted in Newby

Your best way to find out this might be to map your course on a website like mapmyride or bikely These usually show the gradient (and if you only map the climb it gives greater detail of changes in gradient)

31 Oct 2011 5:21 PM posted in Smart Phone Applications for cycling

I use Strava. Great for logging climbs (and many from cycle2max are already on there). But I would be interested to hear what other people are using too.

21 Oct 2011 11:47 AM posted in Jayco Herlad Sun Tour

Over a minute faster than the cycle2max KOM!

19 Oct 2011 3:06 PM posted in Jayco Herlad Sun Tour

Just wondering if anyone timed the last climb up Arthurs Seat on Saturday? And how much they blitz the times posted on cycle2max

05 May 2011 12:13 PM posted in Which is the hardest hill ride in Adelaide?

This website already gives the climbs a rating number, the higher the number the harder the climb. Calculated as follows; (H/D*100)*4 + H2/D + D/1000 Whereby: H = difference in height (metres); D = distance in metres This calculation results in the following climbs and their difficulty Cherryville/Fernhurst Rd ~ 73 Sheoak Rd ~ 72 Coachhouse Drive ~ 72 Checkerhill ~ 69 Mt Osmond (from Beaumont) ~ 67 Kensington Rd (from St Bernards Road) ~ 65 Greenhill Road ~ 63 I may have missed some as well. As a comparison Alpe D'Huez rates a 131 <em>edited by Paul A Smith on 5/05/2011</em>


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