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Morphett Rd, Seacombe Hts, S Aust (2 rides)

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Mark Koester

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22 Jul 2004: Checker Hill (Front) - 2mins 26secs

08 Jul 2004: Morphett Rd, Seacombe Hts, S Aust - 3mins 33secs

10 Mar 2004: Windy Point - 9mins 42secs

10 Feb 2004: Corkscrew Road - 9mins 23secs

04 Dec 2003: Morphett Rd, Seacombe Hts, S Aust - 3mins 52secs

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Mark commented on his own time: "The TDF time trial last night convinced me to give this killer climb a go. Drove to the start, no warmup apart from rolling up from the corner. Used 42/23T gearing. First 100m seemed great, remainder was very ugly. Almost stopped with 100m to go then realised I was on a good time so killed myself to the finish. Am convinced the gun riders will do sub-2 mins up here. "

Mark commented on his own time: "I'm still some way off my normal fitness level - pre accident, but the tail wind today helped negate my unfitness. The bike was at a record low weight,around 6.2kg,and I used a 42T ring just for this climb. 50secs to Truscott, 2.07 to Vista but I slowed a lot the last 50 metres. Wore my favourite Robert Bartko Team Telekom jersey - must have helped. Back to the pups, finally!"

Mark commented on his own time: "A good run for once. Took it easy for the first km, gave me better speed at the end. Used 52/17T gear for most, dropping to 19T for the last 800m. Bike in sprint setup."

Mark commented on his own time: "What a shocker. Almost died - fried lungs, overheating, back wheel skipping and losing power, used the small chainring for once. Was one of the most painful climbs i've ever done. I think chasing Tim pushed me far over my normal limit of sensibility. Need better lungs and better traction to go faster here. "

Mark commented on his own time: "rolled to start - no warmup. Used big ring all the way (52/23 on steep bit). Bike in sprint setup. Almost fainted at the top."

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