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Age: 38

Total Times Entered: 111

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Norton Summit (33 rides)

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Clayton Marsland

Member Profile: Clayton Marsland

Member Since: 2008

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27 Jun 2010: Norton Summit - 16mins 52secs

17 Apr 2010: Norton Summit - 17mins 17secs

11 Apr 2010: The old freeway - 28mins 6secs

27 Mar 2010: Montacute (the climb) - 13mins 50secs

13 Mar 2010: Knotts Hill/Pound Rd - 10mins 55secs

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Australia > South Australia > Collins Hill Road - Hill Climb

Australia > South Australia > Garage Hill


Clayton commented on his own time: "towards end of ride"

Clayton commented on his own time: "about 70km in to ride"

Clayton commented on his own time: "first ride back in 4 weeks"

Clayton commented on his own time: "slight NE wind"

Clayton commented on his own time: "no wind, pretty big effort. In the middle of training block, legs a bit tired"

Forum Posts

22 Oct 2009 9:54 PM posted in Wind Speed and Power Estimates

A great addition to the power estimates would be a calculation to factor in wind speed. I know that from experience, a strong headwind up Norton Summit can add a minute or two on to my times. I know there are a lot of variables including the size of each rider, position of the rider etc and the fact that the climbs do not always head in a single direction but there must be some sort of formula to ball park how many watts would be required to overcome a 20km/h headwind riding at 20km/h for instance. Thoughts?

31 Jul 2009 1:00 PM posted in 2009 Avanti Sprint - Is it a good entry level bike

[quote=Frank Smith]Jason[/quote] I'm a bit surprised that someone strong enough to race C grade or higher would use them, but perhaps you have worse grades there. I haven't found anything that I can't get over with 39/25, but I'm certainly standing and grinding hard at 20%, which is about the steepest I've tried. Perhaps I'd get up those sort of grades faster with a compact :-) Compact crank never held me back in C grade here in Adelaide![/quote] I have the same bike as Frank with 50 - 36 chainrings. I have found the compact system a bit impractical as there is a huge jump when changing from big to small eg before a climb but do love the 36 chain ring for the steep inclines, and recommend it for someone just starting out. I will probably change to 39 when my original chain rings wear out. However, I wasn't aware that the quality of a rider is determined by the equipment he or she uses. Like Frank, I manage to race with a compact system and have only spun out my biggest gear in a sprint once.

24 Jul 2009 8:03 PM posted in Training time

If you build up a reasonable base fitness during daylight savings, you can get through the winter on a relatively small amount of training. I got throught the road season (albeit in the lower grades) last year on the indoor trainer during the week and either racing on Saturday or long training ride on Sunday (eg 100kms). Probably about 6-8 hours a week. Just make the hours that you do ride count...

16 Jul 2009 1:31 PM posted in Wheel Size?

Are broken spokes that common an issue? Maybe I don't do enough k's.

22 Jan 2009 7:43 PM posted in Shave or Wax?

I think the shaving of one's legs is used as an effort to gain a psychological edge. Shaved legs (assuming they are not fat legs) show more muscle definition. This is probably similar to the reason body builders shave their chests. l


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