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The 2014 Yamaha YZF-R1
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Total Times Entered: 37

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Norton Summit (15 rides)

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Sean McKay

Member Profile: Sean McKay

Member Since: 2008

South Australia, Australia

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Hill Climbs

27 Aug 2011: The old freeway - 25mins 40secs

27 Aug 2011: Tollgate to Brick Retaining wall - 15mins 25secs

25 Jun 2011: Norton Summit - 16mins 32secs

21 Jan 2011: Checker Hill (Front) - 3mins 23secs

10 Oct 2010: Checker Hill (Front) - 3mins 32secs

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Sean commented on sean Mullins's time: "Just wondering, are you the racecar building Sean Mullins or another? "

Sean commented on Greg Sproule's time: "Good job Greg, just wondering, like I asked Ben, what gearing did you use?"

Sean commented on Ben Krieg's time: "Good work Ben, just wondering what gearing you used?"

Sean commented on his own time: "39/23"

Sean commented on his own time: "First time ever up this climb."

Forum Posts

09 Jun 2011 9:11 PM posted in Brightest rear bike light on the market?

Asked the question, and my friend likes his new tail light very much ;) gives a big red glow around the bike on the road etc. I havent seen it yet myself but he is sold.

29 May 2011 8:56 PM posted in Brightest rear bike light on the market?

Friend of mine got his thursday, will enquire.

10 Oct 2010 2:08 PM posted in Checkers hill climb start and end points?

Hi all, just wondering who can enlighten me on the timing points for Checkers Hill. Start at the bridge, I take that to be the little bridge where the hard bit starts. Finish at the Cycle2max graffitti on the road.... it's a while now since that was there. How did that compare to what seems to be the TDU KOM finish line painted on the road? Thanks for your help.

26 Sep 2009 3:50 PM posted in UCI world championships on One.

For those interested One is (allegedly) showing UCI world championships Sat and Sun evening, check your guides for details.


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