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Specialized Allez Elite with Campy Record/Centaur
Price: AUD2150
Seller: Danny Cohen

Garmin Alpha 100 Handheld with 3 TT15 Collars
Price: 690
Seller: Arthur Tomlinson

Selling iPhone 6S PLus, Monohovers ,WHATSAPP : +17
Price: 540
Seller: Omran Abdelrahim

Carbon 5 spoke race wheels, compare to Mavic IO
Price: 2600-2900
Seller: Josiah Ng

NEW Kona 2010 Stab Supreme Bike
Seller: Bruce franklin

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Gender: Male

Age: 33

Total Times Entered: 25

Favourite Course:
Norton Summit (13 rides)

Longest Ride:

Fastest Speed:
900kph in a 747... oh wait you mean on a bike?

Avg Distance per Week:
300-350 kms

Daniel Searson

Member Profile: Daniel Searson

Member Since: 2008

South Australia, Australia

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Resting Heartrate:


Current Weight:

78 kg

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Hill Climbs

08 Dec 2012: The old freeway - 29mins 35secs

18 Jun 2011: Norton Summit - 17mins 12secs

03 May 2011: The old freeway - 31mins 33secs

11 Jul 2009: Windy Point - 11mins 0secs

16 Mar 2009: Norton Summit - 16mins 41secs

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Daniel commented on his own time: "According to Powertap, average power was 288W, interesting to compare..."

Daniel commented on his own time: "Compare power with powertap reading: 214W average."

Daniel commented on his own time: ""Motorpaced" by Adam. Ouchie."

Daniel commented on his own time: "Woohoo! Finally cracked 15 mins. Nice evening for it too."

Daniel commented on his own time: "Didn't feel super. Should be able to beat this in the next one."

Forum Posts

05 Feb 2010 9:43 AM posted in Ground Effect catalogue arrived in post

I've gotten them regularly for the last couple of years, I have no idea how they got my address. I assume it was something related to Bike SA though after reading this!

04 Jul 2009 6:54 PM posted in Outer Harbor Time Trial

I normally ride to the start which takes about 45 mins, then just have a bit of a roll up and down the road just before the start. Somewhere in there I try and do a hard effort or two just to get the blood flowing a bit. I'm not very scientific about it....

04 Jul 2009 6:16 PM posted in Outer Harbor Time Trial

Don't worry about the aero gear - yes you will go a little bit slower without it, but you still get to come out and suffer just as hard :) Plenty of people do these TTs without any gear. Although there are normally a few discs and sperm helmets around the place.

03 Jul 2009 10:56 PM posted in Outer Harbor Time Trial

Yeah it definitely is - nothing like half an hour of suffering to wake you up on a Sunday morning. See ya there!

03 Jul 2009 10:38 PM posted in Outer Harbor Time Trial

I'll be doing it if I'm not too tired from watching the prologue the night before :) Have you done the TTs there before? Good course and friendly atmosphere.


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