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Hill Climb Time

Climb: Kinglake
Rider:John Van Seters
Personal Rank:3
Climb Date:17 Sep 2011
Climb Time:22mins 36secs
Rider Weight:80 Kg
Bike Weight:8 Kg

Power and Speed:
Average Speed:19.8 km/hr
Vertical Speed:15.8 metres/minute
Estimated Power:276 Watts
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Power / Weight:3.5 Watts/kg
Optional Information:
Average Heartrate:159
Average Cadence:N/A
Verification Details:
Fitness Level:Fit
Effort Level:
Competition Level:Veteran
Wind:Strong Head
2 Comments about this time
Rob Milohanic On 17/09/2011 6:47:00 PM
Rob Milohanic Says:
Nice work, mate. Re the starting point, there's a short break in the double lines that's near enough to where the sign used to be. I time the climb from the start of that break; it's likely to be within 1-2 sec different from where the sign was, tops.
John Van Seters On 18/09/2011 1:22:00 PM
John Van Seters Says:
Thanks Rob! Yep thats pretty much were i stert timing also ! But what needs to happen is that this needs to be somehow edited into the climb details along with some other more visual detail ie. driveway on left no? Cheers and keep up the good work JVS
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