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Ride Statistics

Total Distance:
2.04km | 1.27mi

Starting Altitude:
320m | 1,050ft

Finishing Altitude:
550m | 1,804ft

Average Gradient: 11.3%

Elevation Gain:
230m | 755ft

Surface Type:
Rough Bitumen / Asphalt

Difficulty: 73   What's this?

Cherryville/Fernhurst Rds Hill Climb

Distance: 2.04km | 1.27mi

Attempts: 22


Head east opposite bus stop on Marble Hill Rd at signpost for Cherryville. Continue onto Fernhurst Rd. This is a deadend road, when you get to the bottom of Fernhurst Rd it becomes a private residence driveway. Just chuck a u-turn and suffer back upto the Marble Hill Rd.

Start Point: The end of Fernhurst Rd, where it becomes a private driveway, stationary

End point: The giveway sign at the juction of Cherryville and Marble Hill Rds.

10 Fastest Hill Climbs

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1. 9mins 31secs - 14 Mar 2011: Matthew Gliddon

2. 9mins 43secs - 27 Feb 2007: Jeffrey Schulz

3. 10mins 29secs - 15 Mar 2007: Ben Knapp

4. 10mins 45secs - 14 May 2011: Shane Burgess

5. 10mins 47secs - 08 Feb 2011: Nick Hepple

6. 10mins 57secs - 20 Feb 2013: Cem Kibar

7. 11mins 27secs - 31 Jan 2003: Jason Daniels

8. 11mins 32secs - 29 Apr 2011: Michael

9. 11mins 52secs - 17 Mar 2007: Tim Ford

10. 12mins 2secs - 22 Apr 2005: Chris m ryno

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